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MSNBC Host Has Sick Reaction When Describing How People Die in the Jail Where Trump Surrendered

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In May, under a judge’s order, California’s Los Angeles County did away with bail requirements for crimes like theft, shoplifting, drug use, vandalism, batteries, and a whole bunch of others.

According to KTTV-TV and KTLA-TV, a judge issued an injunction in a class-action lawsuit, declaring, “Being jailed for even short periods of time may cause [defendants] to lose their jobs, housing, or custody of their children. They suffer all the harms of confinement in a jail cell even though a large portion of them will never be formally charged with any crime, let alone convicted.”

It’s amazing how much compassion the left has for criminals. It’s no wonder a simple Google search will bring up hundreds of videos of rampant theft in Democrat cities.

Warning: The following videos contain violence and may be considered offensive

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But when it comes to Republicans, an MSNBC talking head thinks it would be funny if someone who asked questions about his own hard-fought election were put into a prison where people have been killed.

On Thursday, as former President Trump was en route to surrender himself for processing in Fulton County, Georgia, MSNBC host Nicole Wallace chuckled as she reported that the prison where Trump was headed was an “overcrowded jail with a reputation for violence and neglect.”

“A jail that is accustomed to holding defendants up to and including violent crime … where stabbings are frequent.” she said.

“Actually, three people have lost their lives in the last month,” she added.

Should Wallace apologize for this?

“That jail is where the disgraced ex-President of these United States is heading right now,” Wallace said with what can only be described as a gleeful chuckle.

NewsBusters editor Bill D’agostino posted the clip on X with the caption, “Nicolle Wallace literally has to stifle a laugh as she remarks that Trump is heading to a jail where three people have died over the last month. Everyone at MSNBC is a ghoul.”

Another X user posted, “It’s just so repulsive. I don’t know how they got people to hate this man so much that they cheer this.”

Another user posted, “Nicole Wallace of MSNBC showed joy in horrific Fulton jail conditions. Showed glee that Trump will soon be imprisoned there(so she thinks). She couldn’t help herself. She is perfect example of how Democrats really feel about the people.”

For a moment there, we got to see the truth about what people like Wallace think about prisons. It’s not a place for thieves, wife-beaters, drug users, or vandals.

It’s a place for people who don’t agree with their ideology.

Or dare to question the narrative.

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The recent convictions and sentences related to the Capitol incursion of Jan. 6, 2021, highlight their willingness to brand all adversaries, even those who never so much as hurt a fly, as political detainees and push them through a judicial process that leads to imprisonment with dangerous criminals.

Then, just for a second, the mask comes off, and we see what their compassion really looks like.

And it’s not pretty.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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