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MSNBC Melts Down After Trump Makes History in New Hampshire, Breaks Multiple Records

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After Donald Trump’s record-setting victory Tuesday in New Hampshire’s Republican presidential primary, the former president gave a victory speech that sounded — well, it sounded like Donald Trump.

That, of course, is all it needed to sound like for the increasingly irrelevant leftists at MSNBC to claim that in video of the speech, “the guy melts down.”

The reality was that it was the MSNBC pundits who melted down, including host Joe Scarborough, who uttered the claim above, and former Democratic Sen. Clair McCaskill, who lost her re-election bid in 2018 by a significant margin to Josh Hawley, despite out-spending him by more than $3-to-$1.

Scarborough played a montage of clips from Trump’s speech, then complained about what the former president said, including a comment about a dress worn by former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

Trump said Haley was wearing a “fancy dress that probably wasn’t so fancy.” I’m honestly not even sure what that means, but his audience seemed to find it amusing.

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Scarborough blamed Trump for attacking Haley’s personal appearance — “making fun of Nikki Haley’s dress because he says ‘it’s probably not that fancy'” — a fair comment, given that Haley’s appearance, and certainly not her wardrobe, are completely irrelevant subjects in an election.

He was also worked up about Trump’s claim that “there’s stuff [Haley] doesn’t want to talk about,” a possible reference to repeated news stories of Haley’s multiple alleged affairs.

He then went off on a rant — or a meltdown, to use his own phrase — on the litany of criminal and civil complaints against Trump, few of which have, to date, been proven in court and just about all of which Scarborough either exaggerated or just got wrong.

So Trump can’t talk about allegations against Haley, but Scarborough talking about allegations against Trump is completely cool.

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He also called Trump “utterly doomed to lose in the fall.” That sounded like wishful thinking to me, but I guess we’ll see what we see when Nov. 5 comes around.

You know what else it sounded like to me? A melt down.

He was joined in both his ranting and his hypocrisy by McCaskill — who, by the way, lost to Hawley by about the same vote margin as Trump lost to Biden in New Hampshire in 2020, a margin Scarborough referred to as “getting smoked” when he was talking about Trump.

“I just think we need to keep reminding everyone: This guy’s not well,” McCaskill said.

Side note: If that’s the Democratic 2024 campaign strategy, Biden should probably just concede now.

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“And what’s up with the orange face,” she continued — because, again, attacks on Haley’s appearance are verboten, but “orange mad bad” will always play on the American left.

“Has anybody checked to see — is he applying this cheap bronzer to his face in clumps at various times of the day and night?” she asked. “And does he not realize that it makes him look like he’s really unwell? He’s a different shade every day.”

I can’t in good conscience recommend it, but you can watch the entire leftist meltdown here if you have a particularly strong stomach:

Even if you don’t watch that video, note the title MSNBC chose to give it on YouTube: “Claire McCaskill: A really bad night for Doanld Trump.”

I mean … wow. What alternate universe do these folks occupy?

McCaskill claimed that New Hampshire revealed some “cracks in the armor” in the Trump campaign, a claim she could only back up by granting Trump’s assertion that he’s running as the incumbent president, having actually defeated Biden in 2020 and then getting the actual voting results wrong.

She claimed Trump won barely 50 percent of the votes of his own party; he won 70 percent, as The Western Journal has previously reported.

She claimed there wasn’t great turnout in Iowa or New Hampshire, indicating a lack of enthusiasm; Iowa experienced record cold weather, and Trump set a record Tuesday for the most votes ever received in the state’s Republican or Democratic presidential primary.

Even The New York Times was forced to admit — probably reluctantly — that a  “record number of voters cast a ballot in New Hampshire’s Republican primary on Tuesday,” raising the question of whether McCaskill was lying about the New Hampshire turnout or just speaking out of ignorance.

He also picked  up another record, the highest vote total as a share of the state population, according to Rich Baris.

But let’s not tell McCaskill or Scarborough or, frankly, anyone at MSNBC. I don’t want to confuse them with facts and, frankly, it’s probably been so long since they’ve looked at one that they might not know what to do with a fact if they accidentally stumbled upon one.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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