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MSNBC WILD SPECULATION: Mar-a-Lago Docs Could Have Killed CIA Agents

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There are no limits to the bizarre things liberals will say in their pursuit of a way to demean former President Donald Trump, and one host over at MSNBC took things a little farther than they should have this week.

The FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago is just the latest mainstream media blitz against the former President, despite the fact that he has denied any wrongdoing and not a single charge has been filed against him.

That didn’t matter to Joy Reid, however, who used her platform to suggest that Donald Trump’s storage of these documents may have somehow contributed to the deaths of several CIA agents.

“While all of this is happening, we know that in 2021 that there was a rash of deaths of American spies. They were being caught. They were being killed. This is a very real and exigent circumstance. The CIA has admitted to that. Now, we are not saying that we know there is some connection between the purloined documents and those events. But they did happen at a time when Trump did have custody of some really sensitive information that he should not have had,” Reid said.

A memo sent to the New York Times in 2021 reported that the CIA allegedly warned stations a “troubling numbers of informants” were being captured or killed. The CIA declined to comment at the time, though the memo cited “poor tradecraft, being too trusting of sources, underestimating foreign intelligence agencies” and “moving too quickly to recruit informants while not paying enough attention to potential counterintelligence risks” as reasons.

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The cheap and irresponsible speculation didn’t end there.

Reid also claimed that the U.S. government’s seizure of Russian oligarch Victor Vekselberg’s yachts in April could be connected to the raid based on his past meetings with Trump’s team.

The FBI has been criticized for raiding former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home  (Fox News)
“When you think about that, when you think about Victor Vekselberg, who is being investigated for something else for fraud, but he’s a Russian oligarch in Trump crony world. His house recently got raided. His yacht got seized. You think investigators were looking for something different. But Trump knows the kind of people who one might want to investigate, who might want to do bad things to the United States and might not be on our side. And I wonder how frustrated do you think law enforcement must be knowing that they can’t look at any of that,” Reid said.

Given the fact that Donald Trump does not appear to be on the path to any sort of indictment, Reid’s wild suggestions are little more than attention-grabbers for a network that is so desperately in need of viewers.

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