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Multiple Senate Democrats Just Said No to $15 Minimum Wage — Details

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If you’re a conservative living in a state with one of these Democrat Senators, you might want to thank them for what they did on Friday.

Tester, Manchin, Sinema, Shaheen, Carper, Coons, Hassan. All voted against raising the minimum wage.

Maybe, just maybe, deep down they know that a wage spike will kill workers’ hours, cost jobs, and raise the price of goods.

That might be wishful thinking, though.

From The Daily Caller:

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Seven Senate Democrats and one Independent voted against a procedural vote on $15 minimum wage Friday.

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders proposed an amendment during the “vote-a-rama” in the Senate, where a vote can be forced on anything. As senators were introducing their amendments to be voted on, Sanders put forward a procedural vote on a $15 minimum wage, which was cut out of Democrats’ original COVID relief bill.

It could not be easier to defeat a liberal argument. All you have to do is use their own words against them.

For example, Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was upset that she had to pay $7 for a croissant – as anyone would be.

But how is it so hard for AOC to see why she’s paying $7?

A basic lesson in economics should have Ocasio-Cortez understanding that when minimum wages rise, so do the costs of goods.

Hasn’t she ever heard of supply and demand?


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AOC then fired off another tweet after being resoundingly mocked, as per usual…

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