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MUST READ: Ben Shapiro Delivers Brilliant Take Down of Actor Andrew Garfield's 'Bake the Cake' Comment

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During the Tony Awards Sunday evening, many actors took advantage of the national platform they had to make utter fools of themselves and push the progressive agenda they hold so dear in small soundbites meant to make them appear “woke” and “hip” with the young crowd, many of whom could probably care less about the Tonys.

One such individual was Andrew Garfield, the former Spider-Man actor, who called for folks to be just a little nicer to each other and to “just bake a cake for whoever wants cakes baked.”

Doesn’t that sound like a horrific attempt at a Dr. Seuss rhyme?

Anyway, conservative powerhouse Ben Shapiro had a great takedown of the comment:

But Garfield went out of his way to virtue signal, obliquely and incorrectly, that the Supreme Court’s recent case suggesting that a particular Christian bakery could not be forced to serve a cake to a gay wedding was deeply wrong:

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Garfield stated, “We are all sacred and we all belong,” adding, “just bake a cake for everyone who wants a cake to be baked.”

Garfield’s definition of the sacred may not be universal. But his political opinion certainly shouldn’t be taken as such, lest conservatives demand that Garfield act in a play version of the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, perhaps as the head of that Christian bakery being vindictively targeted by LGBT activists.

This isn’t the first time Garfield has gotten himself in hot water by pandering to supposed LGBT priorities. During a press conference in July 2017, Garfield said he “wouldn’t rule out” a same-sex relationship and said that he had researched his Angels in America role by watching RuPaul. This led to some backlash:

Garfield’s suggestion that he’s just interested in everyone being a little nicer rings hollow when he calls for the government to regulate just how religious people should act in their businesses, in violation of their religion. That’s not tolerance. It’s intolerance. And Garfield would know that if he weren’t ensconced in his Broadway bubble.

Excellent take by Shapiro and one that couldn’t be more true.

Part of the problem with modern American society is that folks who know that traditional marriage and sexuality is foundational to a healthy culture have spent far too long being silent, not engaging the arts with the truth of Scripture and the principles we know need to be applied to how we live our lives.

It’s now an uphill battle to promote traditional marriage, having children, and other things that are needed for a healthy society. Instead of just complaining about actors like Garfield, we need to be engaging the arts ourselves, pushing our message through creative storytelling that appeals to a mass audience.

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This is what the left has done for decades and it’s how they have completely reshaped American culture. It will take time, but if conservatives spent more time employing this same method, we would be more effective in turning things around.

Source: The Daily Wire

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