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MUST SEE: Wristwatch Company Creates Stunning Rebuttal to Controversial Gillette Ad

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Last week, another controversial piece of media hit the airwaves, concocted by a troubled corporate entity desperate for attention.

I’m speaking, of course, about Gillette, the longtime manufacturer of mens care products who is famous for their line of shaving equipment.

In the ad, many inferred a meaning that was downright bizarre:  That “toxic masculinity” was real, and that it must be beaten back with a metaphorical broom.  Undoubtedly, the ad has sparked a great many arguments among Americans over the reality of this latest attack on the male persona, further dividing our nation down political lines.

This is due in no small part to the left’s purposeful alignment with the counterculture icon in the gender arena, and their hopes to offend Americans into remaining divided – and malleable due to this division.

Gillette’s ad was likely nothing more than a purposefully crafted bit of controversial propaganda meant to get us talking about Gillette again…who have been struggling with the recent popularity of beards and discount razor companies such as Dollar Shave Club.

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Now, one wristwatch manufacturer has responded in their own way, relaying the facts about the hazards that men face nearly exclusively, and how that reality affects the left’s perception of “masculinity”.

The YouTube commercial from the Egard Watch Company features footage of men in various situations — from fighting fires to hugging children as the firm’s founder Ilan Srulovicz asks “What is a man?”

“There’s been a movement in society I feel that’s just been painting men with a broad brush,” Srulovicz told “Fox & Friends” Monday.

“You know, for a company like Gillette to open up a commercial with a term like ‘toxic masculinity,’ I just don’t feel like masculinity is toxic.”

“I think masculinity can be beautiful,” he said.

Srulovicz said he created the ad despite backlash from friends and co-workers who feared the ad would draw attention away from women’s rights issues.

The ad, which is both somber and startling, can be watched below:

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