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Mystery Grand Jury Case Has ENTIRE 5th Floor of DC Courthouse Blockaded

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When it comes to the Robert Mueller-led investigation into supposed ties between the Trump campaign of 2016 and the Russian government, there is far more that we don’t know than we do.

Much of this is purposeful, as Mueller likely wishes to work within the shadowy confines of obscurity, as not to spook any of his unwitting prey.  Just how “in the dark” are we?  We may never truly know, but one thing’s for sure – some of the more clandestine gears are turning in DC today…

…At least according to what many reporters witnessed at a federal courthouse in the Beltway.

Journalists were kept away from a secret federal appeals court hearing on Friday in Washington, D.C., as officials sealed off an entire floor for arguments in a mysterious grand jury case which some believe could be related to the Special Counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

The case – known officially as “In re: Grand Jury Subpoena” – has been sealed in its entirety when it comes to public records, as it moved from the district court to the appeals court level in recent months.

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Reporters at the courthouse – which is just down the hill from the U.S. Capitol – at first tried to gather outside the courtroom where the secret arguments were going to take place, but then security officials sealed off the entire fifth floor of the building, making it nearly impossible to find out who was involved in the matter.

What is the mysterious case all about?  No one knows as of yet, and clues have been hard to come by.

“We have spread out across the building,” tweeted Darren Samuelsohn, a reporter for Politico. “No sightings yet to report of note.”

With the Mueller team allegedly nearing a conclusion to their wide-ranging folly, one can only hope that this mystery will be solved in the coming weeks…that is, if the assumptions about a Special Counsel connection hold true.

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