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Nancy Pelosi & House Dems Unveil New $3 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Package (Details)

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Every single Congressional Democrat would be broke if they managed their personal finances the way the handle taxpayer dollars. Every single one, with maybe one or two exceptions.

After the initial $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package, Pelosi and her ilk want to spend $3 trillion more – mainly on left-leaning causes.

Here’s the deal, via Washington Examiner:

House Democrats Tuesday introduced a new round of coronavirus legislation costing more than $3 trillion that would provide a historic level of federal aid to those hurt by the pandemic.


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The measure provides $1 trillion to state, local, municipal, and tribal governments to help them keep operating without the tax revenue lost because of the economic shutdown.

The measure provides $200 billion in “hazard pay” for those working in grocery stores, medical facilities, and other front-line jobs; a new round of $1,200 direct payments to individuals; and an extension to January of the $600 in extra unemployment insurance benefits now provided to those who lost jobs in the pandemic.

On Wednesday, the Speaker of the House appeared to openly suggest she’s more concerned with investigating what the president knew about COVID-19 and when he knew it, versus getting to the very bottom of the outbreak, which, of course, originated in Wuhan, China.

Pelosi is a just another good Democrat.



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