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NASA Goes Woke, Diverts Resources to ‘Gender Pronouns IT Project’

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has adopted a new policy embracing the religion of wokeness.

The American space agency announced Wednesday that it’s completed a project to implement gender pronouns in the email signatures of its employees.

“Through an effort to create a more inclusive workplace, NASA recently completed an IT project at Goddard Space Flight Center that allowed approximately 125 employees to test the option of including their gender pronouns in NASA’s email display fields — which currently includes each employee’s name, center, and an organizational code,” read a statement from the agency.

“NASA is fully committed to supporting every employee’s right to be addressed by their correct name and pronouns.”

“All NASA employees currently have the option and flexibility to include their gender pronouns in their customized email signature blocks. This option remains unchanged and is supported by NASA leadership so that employees can share their gender identities and show allyship to the LGBTQIA+ community.”

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The move to include an expanded pronoun inventory is similar to initiatives from other major American corporations and government entities.

Such a development stands to undermine the binary nature of human sexuality, presenting an open sieve of options for the confused and misguided.

The announcement drew criticism from Americans questioning NASA’s focus on gender identities and LGBTQIA+ allyship, rather than developing space capabilities.

The iconic Space Shuttle made its last flight in 2011, leaving the United States without a spacecraft that can reach the International Space Station or orbit the Earth for more than a decade.

American astronauts were dependent on Russian Soyuz spacecraft until NASA contracted with private company SpaceX.

NASA Astronauts flew onboard SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft for the first time in May 2020.

Then-Vice President Mike Pence set a goal for NASA to return American astronauts to the moon in 2020.

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The last American manned mission to the moon took place in 1972.

Some have raised questions about the Chinese or European space agencies upstaging NASA, taking the lead in humanity’s quest to reach the stars.

With America’s space agency focused on gender pronouns, it’s not too hard to imagine an alternative leaving the woke ideologues in the dust.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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