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National Marijuana Legalization Bill Hits Congress with HILARIOUS Moniker

Outside of the absurdity of outlawing A PLANT, this bill would allow for new American financial boom rivaled only by the Gold Rush of the 1840’s and ’50’s.




Let’s not beat around the bush, (no pun intended):  Marijuana will be legal in the United States sooner rather than later.

And, as I’ve been determined to explain for some time, you don’t need to enjoy the psychoactive effects of the plant to be excited for legalization.  Not only does the cannabis plant contain some extremely powerful medicinal compounds that have been helping cancer patients, epileptic children, and glaucoma sufferers for decades, there is an enormous economic impact that comes with legalizing wacky tobacc-y.

Just ask Colorado, who legalized the plant for recreational use and then had such a tax surplus that they allowed residents to vote on how to spend it.

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Now, with Canada and Mexico going legal, the United States will be the only USMCA nation where drug cartels can still peddle their wares.  This is a terrifying reality that we must face.

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Lawmakers on Capitol Hill seem to understand all of this, and are introducing legislation that could finally bring the United States into the 21st century world of pot-profits.  Hilariously enough, the bill itself is being introduced under the name “H.R. 420”.

The Government is shutdown and employees are furloughed – but members of Congress are still working on introducing important laws. One of which is the federal legalization of marijuana – also known as House Resolution 420.

In a hat tip to the marijuana culture, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) introduced the resolution on Wednesday, amid the Government shutdown. Of course, by now, you’re probably familiar with 420 – a special number in the marijuana scene.

The Oregon Rep. Blumenaur’s bill is actually titled the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act and would remove cannabis from the federal controlled substances act. Michigan voters passed a similar law in November that legalizes the possession of 2.5 ounces of marijuana outside the home – plus possession of 10 ounces inside a home. Residents can also grow up to 12 plants.

The number “420” has long been associated with recreational use of of the cannabis plant, although its origins are a bit murky.

Perfectly clear, however, is the necessity for such legislation to pass.  Not only would this be an incredible boon to our national economy, it would also push some of the more necessary changes to our private prison system and the life-altering damage it has been causing to non-violent plant-possessing offenders.


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