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NATO Chief Says ‘China Is Investing Massively In New Weapons’



NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg recently warned that the communist nation of China is beginning to invest massively in new weapons, indicating that their ever growing military power poses a number of potential dangers for the transatlantic alliance.

“China is investing massively in new weapons. It is coming closer to us, from the Arctic to Africa, and by investing our infrastructure,” Stoltenberg said.

via Washington Examiner:

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That unease spurred the foreign ministers of the alliance to dedicate a session of their annual meeting, held virtually this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, to the rising communist power. The dialogue took place as Stoltenberg is orchestrating a NATO Reflection Group to identify the transatlantic alliance’s priorities over the next decade — an effort that Stoltenberg hopes will culminate in a visit from President-elect Joe Biden in the spring.

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“That’s the best way for all allies’ heads of state and government to meet, to sit down,” he said. “And at that summit, I will also put forward my proposals on how to continue to strengthen and continue to adapt NATO as an agile and strong alliance.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s team put an emphasis on China’s anti-satellite weaponry, which could be used to sever military communications in a conflict and cripple Western economies.

“China is very active in space, and there needs to be a lot of work in space to make sure that we have, hopefully, an ability to see where satellites are and determine what our deterrence and defense capabilities can be to assure that those cannot be used against us — against any of us,” U.S. Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison stated at the start of the week. “That’s just one area.”

“China is not our adversary,” Stoltenberg went on to say. “Its rise presents an important opportunity for our economies and trade. We need to engage with China on issues such as arms control and climate change.”

“China does not share our values,” the NATO civilian chief said. “It does not respect fundamental human rights and tries to intimidate other countries. We must address this together, both as NATO allies and as a community of like-minded countries.”

Okay, so which is it? Are they our adversaries due to their awful human rights violations, or are they providing a great opportunity to tackle arms control and climate change?

These two statements seem somewhat contradictory.

Regardless, the fact a communist regime that was responsible for a global pandemic is investing in weapons is an unsavory thought.

Always need to keep our eyes open when it comes to any sort of communist nation, especially one with high ambitions.


Dem Senator: Troops Remain In DC Because Trump May Incite Another Capitol Attack

Bush league.

John Salvatore



On a scale of 1-10, this quote from a Democrat Senator hits 11 on the side of stupidity. People like Chris Murphy just can’t help themselves. They are literally obsessed with President Donald Trump. Hey, Connecticut – want a do-over on this guy or what? If you live in the Constitution State and said no, you may want to re-evaluate. During an appearance on CNN, Murphy said: “The threat to the country is not over. We still have 5,000 National Guard members surrounding the Capitol complex. Why? Because there are still existing threats, present threats to the security of the Capitol. And so long as Donald Trump is empowered by Senate Republicans, there’s still the chance that he is going to incite another attempt at the Capitol or stir up similar trouble at the state legislative level or in a governor’s election when things don’t go his way. The threat is still very real to American democracy.” From The Daily Wire: Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) added to the already deep divide in our nation during a online meeting with constituents in San Francisco on Saturday, claiming the Trump supporters who breached the Capitol on Wednesday chose their “whiteness over democracy.” Pelosi said, “When that assault was taking place on the Capitol, 3,865 people in our country died of the coronavirus, many of them people of color because of the injustice of it all. The next day, on Thursday, 4,000 people died of the coronavirus. Why? Because decisions were made at the highest level, months before in the Oval Office, of denial, distortion, delay, calling it a ‘hoax.’” She added, “I thought it was going to be an epiphany for those who were in opposition of our democracy to see the light. Instead, it was an epiphany for the…

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Report: Biden Forming Committee With Intent of Packing the Supreme Court

Uh oh.

John Salvatore



Biden refused to answer on the campaign trail if he would pack the court. He even said the American people don’t deserve to know his position on the matter. But since SCOTUS currently leans 5-4 conservative (though, four of the five justices sometimes side with the liberal minority), Joe is now making it clear that he’s planning to bump up the total from nine. From Politico: The Biden administration is moving forward with the creation of a bipartisan commission to study reforms to the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary. The commission will be housed under the purview of the White House Counsel’s office and filled out with the behind-the-scenes help of the Biden campaign’s lawyer Bob Bauer, who will co-chair the commission. Its specific mandate is still being decided. But, in a signal that the commission is indeed moving ahead, some members have already been selected, according to multiple people familiar with the discussions. CONTINUED: Among those who will be on the commission are Cristina Rodríguez, a professor at Yale Law School and a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Obama Department of Justice, who will join Bauer as co-chair. Caroline Fredrickson, the former president of the American Constitution Society, and Jack Goldsmith, a Harvard Law School professor and a former assistant attorney general in the Bush Department of Justice, will also serve on the commission, those familiar with discussions said. Fredrickson has hinted that she is intellectually supportive of ideas like court expansion. In 2019, she said in an interview with Eric Lesh, the executive director of the LGBT Bar Association and Foundation of Greater New York: “I often point out to people who aren’t lawyers that the Supreme Court is not defined as ‘nine person body’ in the Constitution, and it has changed size many times.”…

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