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Navy Releases Infamous 'Drone Swarm' UFO Video After Leak

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For reasons we may not fully understand, the US government has been a bit less reluctant to share what they know about UFO’s in recent years.

Sure, there has been a particularly powerful congressional campaign to unearth some of the truth about the odd phenomena, but high level military personnel have had no qualms with shutting lawmakers down in the past.  And yes, there has long been public pressure on the subject…but again, this isn’t something that our high command is really concerned about.

No, something else has changed, and suddenly the US has no real problem with providing the world with information and evidence that we never thought we’d see.

The latest image to come to light are of a “drone swarm” of unidentified objects harassing US Navy vessels.

The five videos follow the release of Pentagon documents to US media outlet The Drive about the unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, that occurred in 2019 near naval ships off the coast of California.

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Among the videos, two were taken from the destroyer USS Russell. The warship has been of particular interest due to leaked videos of the incident released last year.

The triangular appearance of the objects in the videos triggered speculation that they were “flying pyramid” UFOs due to their shape.

The US is calling them “drones”, although they remain unidentified.

Pentagon officials have determined they were drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) but their origin remains unknown.

During a US congressional hearing last month about unidentified aerial phenomena, Deputy Director for Naval Intelligence Scott Bray said that “the triangular appearance is a result of light passing through the night vision goggles, and then being recorded by an SLR camera.”

The video itself is rather eerie, and available below for our readers.

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