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Navy Sailor Springs Into Action After Man Discovered Unconscious on Gym Floor

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You never know when lifesaving training will come in handy. For one man, it was during a workout at EōS Fitness in Temecula, California, that duty called.

Navy Counselor 1st Class Ryan P. Lighten was in the zone when someone alerted him to an emergency taking place nearby.

“I was working out on the bench press with my earbuds in, when one of my Future Sailors ran up to me with a scared look on his face, yelling franticly,” Lighten told the Navy Talent Acquisition Group Southwest.

“He told me there was a man lying on the floor [who was] unresponsive and not breathing.”

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As the 29-year-old headed over, he experienced a flicker of doubt — but he had received all the training he needed thanks to the Navy.

“My first thought was, ‘I hope I can remember my training,'” Lighten said. “Future Sailor Dominic Rodgers cleared a path for me, telling everyone in the vicinity that I knew CPR.

“Rodgers told me later that he knew the Navy provided CPR training to all of its personnel, which was why he ran straight to me.”

Before starting, Lighten told people to clear the area and directed them to call 911.

He performed CPR for 15 minutes, and the man began breathing on his own. First responders arrived and took the patient to Temecula Valley Hospital.

“The guy never really saw who had helped him,” Lighten later said. “I hope I get the opportunity to formally introduce myself to him in the future.

“I would like to wish the gentleman I assisted a speedy recovery and healthy future.”

Lighten says he’s indebted to the Navy, not just for the training that saved this stranger’s life but for the opportunity to better himself and create a future for himself and his family.

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“The Navy has given me a brighter outlook on my life and a more promising future for my son,” he said.

As a result, Lighten hopes to help many others find their purpose through the military branch.

“I frequently volunteer at the local high schools, animal hospitals and retirement homes with the purpose of giving back to my community and spreading Navy awareness,” he said. “The Navy has helped me by putting me in a position to grow as a leader.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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