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NBC Accused of Factual Malfeasance in Ilhan Omar Case

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The democratic party’s most recent, unnerving trouble has Americans growing alarmed for the future of the party.

While the left has been on a rapid rise toward radicalism in the Trump Era, the nation as a whole is being divided heavily by the sensationalism of the mainstream media.  The combination of these forces is akin to political storefronts crashing into one another on the Great Plains: Death and destruction on a massive scale.

One particular tendril of concern has been the recent resurgence of both socialism and antisemitism within the democratic party, and their unfathomable unwillingness to address it to the satisfaction of the nation.

The spark that has reignited these concerns is congressional freshman Ilhan Omar, whose repeated use of antisemitic language has shocked the nation…even if the mainstream media is covering her back.

Far-left NBC News covered up its own findings about the effect Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) antisemitic remarks are having in her own home district.

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Desperate to craft a puff-piece to protect Omar and the Democrat Party, NBC published the following headline Sunday night: “Far from Washington, Rep. Omar’s constituents see the Israel controversy in a different light.”

The story opens with this Pablum: “Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments about Israel have consumed Washington. But here in Minnesota’s diverse 5th Congressional District, a pillar of progressivism that handed Omar a decisive victory in November’s midterm elections, there has been far less outrage.”

It takes half dozen paragraphs for NBC to upend their own words.

But buried under six paragraphs, we finally learn that Omar’s rabid antisemitism is in fact causing stress and worry at home:

Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman of Temple Israel, a Reform Jewish congregation that is the oldest synagogue in this city, said many of members of her community have called her over the last month to say they were troubled by Omar’s comments.

“I don’t know the intention, but I know the impact. The words have been hurtful,” Zimmerman said in the tranquil lobby of the 141-year-old temple, surrounded by 12 floor-to-ceiling windows that symbolize the Torah’s 12 tribes of Israel. She added that the comments are especially problematic amid a recent spike in anti-Semitic incidents nationwide.

The mainstream media knows the perception game all too well, and likely understood the impact of burying the more explosive realities of the story deep within their democratically-approved drivel.

Luckily, at least for the time being, the alternative media still exists.


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