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Nearly 50,000 People Received Incorrect Absentee Ballots In Key Swing State — Details

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Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio. Voter fraud or election rigging or whatever you want to call it, seems far too commonplace nowadays. How can the mainstream media continue to not acknowledge this?

Thankfully, America has a president who won’t stand for it.

From The Daily Wire:

On Friday, Franklin County, Ohio’s most populous county, announced that 49,669 voters got an incorrect absentee ballot in the mail this week.


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“Ohio is one of a number of states that mails absentee ballot applications to all voters, but unlike other states, it has done so since 2012. … Around 1.9 million Ohioans requested an absentee ballot in the state’s April primary, prompting an outcry when some were delayed in arriving. That forced some voters to cast their votes in person despite health concerns,” Fox News reported.

Trump saw the report.

Check this out…


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