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New Bill Signed By Iowa Governor Requires Women To Wait 24 Hours Before They Get Abortion

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Without a doubt, the true Civil Rights issue of our time isn’t police brutality or racial inequality, both of which have been blown out of proportion by the radical left element in this country. It’s abortion.

The sheer number of children who are fundamentally denied their most basic right to life is staggering. And yet, if anyone dares to stand up against it, they are labeled radical Christian right-wingers.

What’s left out of the debate is that all human life is valuable because all human life is created in the image of God. Because of that, when you murder a human being, you are destroying the image of God, which is a direct insult to the glory of the Creator.

Because of the status of being an image bearer, unborn children have a right to life, which is fundamentally being denied by modern American society. This is why there’s so much passionate debate over this issue.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has now signed into law a bill that would require women in the state seeking an abortion to wait 24 hours before they can have the procedure. This means women are required to have two appointments, with the wait time between them.

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Here’s more on this from The Washington Examiner:

“I am proud to stand up for the sanctity of every human life,” Reynolds, a Republican, said of the bill on Monday. “I applaud the Iowa lawmakers who had the courage to stand strong and take action to protect the unborn child.”

The legislation is similar to a bill that was struck down by the Iowa Supreme Court in 2018. The bill Reynolds signed is slated to take effect on Wednesday, but Planned Parenthood of the Heartland filed a lawsuit asking a judge to halt it until the court can review the constitutionality of the legislation.

The 2018 legislation that was struck down by the court required women to wait 72 hours before having an abortion. In that ruling, the judges voted in a 5-2 ruling that a 72-hour wait would increase the costs of the procedure and could prohibit some women from accessing an abortion. Alice Clapman, a lawyer for Planned Parenthood, told the Associated Press that this legislation feels like a repeat of the 2018 bill.

As you might already imagine, Planned Parenthood is not happy with the law stating that Reynolds didn’t offer the people of the state due process because the law was passed at 5 a.m. on Sunday morning. Judge Mitchell Turner, who is overseeing the case demanded that the state prove the voices of the people could have had their voices heard at some point during the legislative process.

At the end of the day, no matter what Planned Parenthood argues for, the lives of our most vulnerable citizens are at risk of being denied protection of their rights. These individuals talk of the voice of the people being heard, but have no problem denying the unborn that same right.

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