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New Data Has Bad News For Democrats Who Use Identity Politics to Win Elections

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One of the left’s leading strategies to inflate their party numbers and win elections has been identity politics, however, new data is suggesting that this particular strategy is not paying off well for Democrats and their target voters.

Looks like liberals who love to divide Americans along racial lines are going to be sorely disappointed with the results of their battle plan.

FiveThirtyEight has been collecting data on the 811 non-incumbent candidates running in Democrat primaries, and has come to some interesting conclusions. For starters, “being a person of color doesn’t actively help a candidate win a Democratic primary,” three of the outlet’s reporters wrote.

About a quarter of Democrat candidates identified as nonwhite, according to FiveThirtyEight, yet had a winning record of just 28%. Not being white might actually hurt Democrat candidates, though the reporters make sure to note that the “relationship is not statistically significant.”

As for LGBT candidates, there are 34 running on the Democrat ticket, and are on par with candidates who don’t mention their sexual orientation – about 30%. This is also the same win percentage as millionaire self-funders and military veterans.

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The only “identity” that appears to boost a Democrat candidate is being a woman.

“In fact, all else being equal, being a woman has been worth an additional 10 percentage points over being a man in the open Democratic primaries we looked at,” FiveThirtyEight reported. “That’s one of the two biggest effects we found among all the variables we looked at.”

The other effect that boosts a Democrat is having prior experience as an elected official, which seems pretty obvious. People who know how to win campaigns tend to win campaigns.

Now, will the left learn its lesson and stop employing such tactics in the future? Of course not. Because they are nuts, the definition of insanity being to try the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

At the end of the day, the left has to be willing to accept that keeping folks divided along racial lines and gender, making these small aspects of humanity an individual’s entire identity, doesn’t jive well with the overall majority of American voters.

Failure to accept this will lead to certain failure going forward.

Source: Daily Wire

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