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New Florida Law Allows Trained Paramedics To Bring Firearms On Dangerous Calls

Great idea!



A new law in the state of Florida now allows paramedics to protect themselves on the job by bringing firearms along on dangerous emergency calls, a move which pro-gun crowds should celebrate as an obvious upholding of the spirit of the Second Amendment.

The right to bear arms was designed so that all Americans would have the right to possess the means necessary to defend life, liberty, and property from tyrants and criminals alike who try to take what does not belong to them.

It’s common sense to allow paramedics, who are often called into dangerous areas to help those who need medical treatment, to be allowed to carry weapons that would increase their safety.

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via TheBlaze:

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A story at the Palm Beach Post last week explains that the law, which went into effect at the beginning of July, does not allow for emergency medical personnel to be armed for their day-to-day responsibilities, but only in special circumstances. These are things like active shooter incidents, narcotics raids, and hostage situations.

“Our policy is very clear, ” EMS bureau chief of rescue for Martin County Fire Rescue Chris Kammel told the newspaper. “You will not see any Martin County Fire Rescue employees getting out of an ambulance or a fire engine with a firearm on their side.”

The law, which was signed by Republican governor Ron DeSantis in early June, also requires the medical responders to hold concealed weapons permits in order to be eligible to carry, according to ABC Action News Tampa Bay. They also have to go through gun safety training and take yearly tactical training.

Florida is not the first state to allow its medical first responders to carry when answering especially dangerous emergency calls. In 2016, Kansas enacted a law allowing paramedics, firefighters, and other public employees to carry firearms except in school zones or on private property marked as “gun free.” A 2018 Ohio law allows medical responders attached to SWAT teams to carry after receiving appropriate firearms training.

This is great news for supporters of the Second Amendment and points to the fact that Florida is growing more and more conservative by the day. Of course, it was already largely a red state before, but this just goes to show you the kind of culture that is developing down there.

Now, if only we could get some massive reforms on guns that would loosen ridiculous restrictions the left has placed on this important right so that we can all be better protected when out in public.

Abolishing gun free zones sounds like a good starting point.

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