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New Lockdowns Coming, This Time Over Gasoline

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The world is finally beginning to look almost “normal” again, at least in regard to the rapidly diminishing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there may be a new society-throttling threat lurking just around the corner.

Now, instead of finding ourselves locked down to curb the spread of a deadly illness, we may be homebound on account of gasoline shortages.

The Irish state is planning on reimplementing harsh COVID-style lockdown rules should the Ukraine crisis cause a major fuel shortage.

The Europhile government of Ireland is planning a return to draconian COVID-style lockdowns should a fuel shortage arise out of the ongoing Ukraine crisis, a leak revealed to the public on Monday has claimed.

The potential actions were aplenty.

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According to leaks described by the Irish Independent, officials have wargamed implementing compulsory work from home orders for non-essential workers, limits on so-called “non-essential” travel and strict speed limits on highways should the supply of diesel dry up as part of what has been described as a confidential “high-level planning exercise”.

Fuel rationing and a limiting of when certain vehicles can be filled at gas stations were also reportedly discussed at the secretive meeting, with delegates at the event being asked to plan for three different fuel-shortage scenarios of various severity.

Officials attempted to downplay the possibility that such a plan would need to be brought to fruition, but those of us who remember the “two week lockdown to flatten the curve” will likely remain somewhat skeptical.

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