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New Mexico Militia TORCHED By Governor, Given Marching Orders

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As the turbulent situation on the southern border continues to worsen, a number of patriotic American have been compelled to lend a hand.

There is little doubt that US Customs and Border Patrol are overwhelmed at the moment.  Not only have they been tasked with securing thousands of miles of open yet uninviting country, but they have been doing so in the face of ever-more militant Mexican Drug Cartels and advanced smuggling tactics.

On top of all that, the organized migrant caravans traveling through Mexico from Central America have proved to be an unprecedented concern as well.

These issues have compelled a number of ordinary Americans to travel south, in order to assist Border Patrol in this daunting task.  Now, after detaining a number of illegal border crossers, the Governor of New Mexico is forcefully asking them to go home.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Friday lashed out at members of a militia group who are stopping migrants at the border, declaring “regular citizens have no authority to arrest or detain anyone.”

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The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico has demanded that Lujan Grisham and New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas investigate the militia organization, United Constitutional Patriots. Some of the group’s members are armed.

The governor’s language was boisterous.

“That migrant families might be menaced or threatened in any way, shape or form when they arrive at our border — often times after an unimaginably arduous journey — is completely unacceptable,” Lujan Grisham said in an email to NBC News.

“It should go without saying that regular citizens have no authority to arrest or detain anyone,” she said. “My office and our state police are coordinating with the Attorney General’s Office and local police to determine what has gone on and what can be done.”

President Trump has been unsuccessful in his repeated and varied attempts to secure the southern border thanks to the stubbornness of “resistance”-minded democrats.

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