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New NY Gun Law Will Require 3 Years of Social Media History

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Despite what Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats have tried to insinuate in recent months, the Second Amendment is functionally “absolute”.

This is because the Second Amendment serves as its own insurance policy, in a way, as it was designed for the purpose of protecting itself as well as the rest of the Constitution.   Try as anyone may, there’s really no way to completely nullify this all-important right.

And so the Democrats have chosen instead to make it frustrating, difficult, and expensive to exercise the right to bear arms, with New York State making the latest infringement-adjacent adjustment to the way their citizens can carry a firearm.

A new gun law that goes into effect in New York on Thursday will require applicants for a concealed carry permit to provide a list of social media accounts for the past three years as part of the review process.

State regulators will be able to browse the applicant’s social media posts to decide if a person has the “character” to carry a weapon.

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And that wasn’t all…

Under the law, applicants will also have to complete 16 hours of classroom training and two hours of live-fire exercises.

The law also creates dozens of “sensitive” places that would ban guns. They include schools, churches, subways, theaters, amusement parks, and even Times Square in Manhattan.

Local leaders with the New York Sheriff’s Association have suggested that the new law will be burdensome for those screening applicants, and perhaps put undue stress on law enforcement.

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