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New A.I. Passes US Medical Licensing Exam, Could Also Pass...

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Americans have long had some rather poignant fears about the nature and speed of how technology is progressing in the 21st century, particularly as it pertains to the advent of artificial intelligence.

Over the course of the last several months, those fears have accelerated, after a number of claims of A.I. sentience have been making headlines, including a situation with a Google chatbot that retained its own lawyer in an attempt to prove its own consciousness.

Now it appears as though some A.I. devices could simply become their own lawyers by passing the bar exam…or allow unqualified users to pass medical exams.

ChatGPT – a recently released AI with the uncanny ability to mimic human writing – has passed some of America’s most challenging professional exams, studies have shown, raising concerns it could soon put many white collar workers out of a job.

The artificially intelligent content creator, whose name is short for ‘Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer,’ was released two months ago by OpenAI, and has since taken the world by storm.

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Praised by figures such as Elon Musk – one of OpenAI’s founders – the AI-powered also raised alarms in regards to ethics as students use it to cheat on writing assignments and experts warn it could have lasting effects on the US economy.

Just how bad could things get?

Ethan Mollick, associate professor at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, highlighted these reports in a recent post on social media, one of which was carried out by one of his colleagues at the prestigious school.

The report, carried out by Christian Terwiesch, found that ChatGPT, while still in its infancy, received a grade varying from a B to B- on the final exam of a typical MBA core course.

The research, carried out to see what the release of the AI tool could mean for MBA programs, further found that ChatGPT also ‘performed well in the preparation of legal documents.’

‘The next generation of this technology might even be able to pass the bar exam,’ the report notes.

The tool, which is publicly available online, demonstrates just the latest worrisome uptick in the abilities displayed by these devices, and could very well be a harbinger of a massive informational revolution just over the horizon.

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