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New Poll Reveals Level of Optimism Throughout America

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As many Americans are keenly aware, our political leaders have no qualms with using and abusing world events to bolster their own image, and this week appears to be no exception.

This is a time in the United States where hope and optimism are blossoming with a swiftness.  We’re witnessing a stock market and an economy that just refuses to quit, all while we continue to see states and cities reopen after a long pandemic downturn.

The hope is in the air, for all intents and purposes, and pollsters are now cashing in on this feeling in order to give Joe Biden’s administration a little manufactured boost.

President Joe Biden completes his first hundred days in office with a country that is more optimistic about the coming year, according to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) are optimistic about the direction of the country in the poll, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ KnowledgePanel.

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The last time the country came close to that level of optimism about the coming year was in December 2006, when 61% said they were optimistic about where the country was headed, according to previous ABC News/Washington Post polls. Shortly before the 2016 election catapulted Donald Trump to the Oval Office, only 42% of Americans were optimistic about the future, compared to 52% who were pessimistic.

Of course, there are some serious semantics gymnastics at play here, with the left tying “Biden’s First 100 Days” into a broader, far more widespread optimism that exists independent of who the President is.

This is a massaged narrative, no doubt about it.

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