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New Poll Shows Detrimental Effect of Biden Endorsements

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As Americans continues down this divided political path, we find ourselves ever more entrenched in our corners of the governmental spectrum.  We’re not reaching across the aisle much, if at all, thanks in no small part to the divisive rhetoric the the infotainment industry refuses to abstain from despite the abhorrent outcomes of their behavior.

But, in this strange new dichotomy, we have found a renewed willingness to criticize our own political parties as well, and there are plenty of folks in both the Democratic and Republican camps who have no problem suggesting that their current leadership just isn’t working.

For instance, a new poll seems to show just how detrimental it can be for Democrats to be endorsed by Joe Biden.

An endorsement from President Biden makes an individual “less likely” to support a candidate, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Tuesday found.

The survey, released on Election Day, asked respondents, “If a candidate was endorsed by President Joe Biden, would that make you more likely or less likely to vote for that candidate?”

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A plurality, 46 percent, said a Biden endorsement would make them “less likely” to support a candidate, while 28 percent said it would make them “more likely” to support them. Nearly a quarter, 24 percent, said it “would not make much of a difference.”

But wait…there’s more.

Further, a plurality of independents, 43 percent, also said a Biden endorsement of a candidate would make them “less likely” to support that individual.

The news certainly doesn’t bode well for Biden’s chances at reelection in 2024, as the President continues to suggest that he’s intent on running again.


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