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New Polls Have Trump Surpassing Biden In Both Florida And Arizona

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A couple of brand new polls have some good news for President Trump, indicating that he’s now taken the lead over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in two major swing states, Florida and Arizona.

A poll conducted by ABC News/Washington Post that was released on Wednesday revealed that among likely voters in Arizona, the president was now ahead of Biden by one point, with Trump having 49 percent to the former vice president’s 48 percent.

President Trump swung ahead of Biden by four points in Florida, with his support now hitting 51 percent compared to Biden’s 47 percent.

via Washington Examiner:

Many election analysts believe that the election result in Florida, and its 29 Electoral College votes, could be the decisive factor that determines whether it is Trump or Biden who wins the presidential election.

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The president lagged behind Biden in the results for only registered voters, a less-accurate measure of what the election result would be if it were held today. In Arizona, Trump had 47% to Biden’s 49% among registered voters, and in Florida, he had 47% to 48% for Biden.

The polls were conducted Sept. 15-20, which included two days of polling following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday.

It’s important to remember that poll numbers are dubious, especially given the fact that the last presidential cycle had polling declare that Hillary Clinton was going to win in a landslide, which didn’t happen. There are plenty of good folk in this country who don’t participate in these surveys, thus a silent majority is out there who haven’t declared who they are voting for and will not do so until they cast their ballot.

So, in the grand scheme of things, these polls aren’t set in stone indicators of the outcome of the November election.

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