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New Report Exposes Larger Lies by Cuomo in Regard to Nursing Home Scandal

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Andrew Cuomo’s political career is all but over.  The New York State Governor now stands accused of sexual harassment and abuse by no less than ten women, some of whom have suggested that the Empire State lawmaker even went so far as to physically fondle them without consent.

While Cuomo has been hesitant to resign, despite numerous and powerful calls to do so, there is little doubt that his reelection chances have gone extinct at this point.  Democrats don’t often survive accusations of sexual harassment, let alone multiple instances of such poor behavior.

But this isn’t the only Cuomo controversy in town, either.  The New York Governor had previously been caught lying about the damage done by his decision to send COVID-19 positive patients into the state’s nursing home system, where at-risk elders were quickly decimated.

This week, horrid new details have emerged demonstrating just how far Cuomo would go to save himself from criticism.

On top of blocking health officials from telling the truth, senior staffers also quashed a scientific paper that reported the true fatality total, The New York Times reported.

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A June 18 e-mail from top aide Melissa DeRosa to health officials shows Team Cuomo was “anxious” about a pending Department of Health report on nursing-home coronavirus fatalities and out to downplay the idea that the March 25 mandate had proved deadly.

The Cuomoites were publicly citing a nursing-home death toll of about 6,000 by ignoring home residents who’d died while hospitalized. The draft report shared the full count of over 9,700, noting that the homes accounted for “approximately 35 percent” of all NY coronavirus deaths. But DeRosa — who at the same time was intimately involved in the gov’s book-deal negotiations — and other staff got all that edited out. The final report said the homes only yielded 21 percent of the state’s virus death total, making it seem below, rather than above, the US average.

Cuomo, the Times reports, acknowledged in an October call with DeRosa, Health Commissioner Howard Zucker and others that the full figures would have to come out eventually. But by then he’d already scored his fat book advance.

Calls for Cuomo to resign have come not only from his political opponents, but also from members of his own party.  This includes New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is one of the most prominent political figures in the Empire State.

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