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New Report Reveals Huge Spike in Immigrants Opting Out of Welfare. Here's Why.

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President Trump is apparently considering a new immigration policy that would make it more difficult for immigrants to become citizens or gain legal status if they are receiving government welfare benefits, a measure that is guaranteed to send the left into fits of saliva flecking rage.

As a result of the report concerning this policy getting out, there’s been a huge spike in immigrants opting to do without government assistance programs, fearing that accepting the aid could bar them from earning citizenship or a green card in the future.

According to Politico, health care providers nationwide have reported receiving calls from panicked immigrants, both legal and illegal, demanding they be dropped from government assistance programs like WIC, a federally funded program that assists low-income women with providing health care and food for their young children.

Agencies in at least 18 states told Politico they have seen WIC enrollment drop up to 20 percent, a decrease they attribute to the Trump administration’s impending rule change.

Indeed, since Trump assumed office, the number of woman and children enrolled and WIC has seen a significant drop. In January 2017, 7.4 million women and children were enrolled in the program. As of May 2018, 6.8 million were enrolled.

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And while it’s not certain the Trump administration’s rule change is to blame — it was first reported in early August — health care providers told Politico they saw a significant spike in enrollees asking to be scrubbed from the program around the same time news broke about the Trump administration’s plan.

While there are ethical concerns over the Trump administration’s plan, U.S. immigration law, under a concept known as “public charge,” permits the government to deny immigrants entry to the U.S. or a green card if the individuals seeking entry or lawful permanent status are reasonably believed to become primarily dependent on government resources to survive.

The bottom line is, we simply can’t keep providing free stuff to folks, citizens and non-citizens alike, because the reality is, none of it is free. It is all paid for by tax dollars and the more heavily a society is taxed and the wealth “redistributed” the poorer it becomes.

It’s not sustainable to provide welfare for illegals, thus it’s not unreasonable to take measures like these to ensure we protect our limited resources.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes and whether or not Trump is serious about taking these kind of steps.

Source: TheBlaze

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