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New Russian Conscripts Begin Talk of 'Overthrowing' Regime

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Russia’s plan to send 300,000 under-trained and under-equipped civilians to the front lines in Ukraine is backfiring just as spectacularly as you could imagine, and the latest evidence of a widespread revolt may just pound the final few nails in the Kremlin’s coffin.

As this new wave of conscripted cannon fodder continues to have their rear-ends handed to them by Ukraine, some are organizing and plotting to overthrow those who sent them to war.

Dozens of mobilised soldiers have staged an extraordinary mutiny against Vladimir Putin amid mounting unrest over the spluttering Ukraine invasion.

In footage taken inside a military camp, one uniformed conscript earns raucous cheers from his peers after suggesting soldiers should topple their leaders.

The unnamed reservist spoke about the lack of respect soldiers hold for Putin and his commanders, berating an unseen official for using threats to get people to join the cause.

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He mocked a policy in his region – the Tuva republic in Siberia – to gift a ram to each family of those mobilised.

‘You give our families, children, a manky ram [sheep], and some groceries,’ he said, adding disparagingly: ‘What is this?’

And then:

He also joined a chorus of voices on the frontline complaining about the lack of suitable equipment and gear

He ridiculed an army-issued foreign guitar when they are not supplied with adequate weapons.

‘They give us an [imported] guitar,’ he said to cheers from fellow conscripts. ‘Are we going to shoot a guitar on the battlefield?’

His outburst is all the more significant since his region is also the home of heavily-criticised Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu, who Putin has steadfastly refused to fire despite strong demands for his head over the failure of the military campaign.

The reservist asked bluntly: ‘If there are no people like us, who will you be in authority over?

‘Who are you going to make all your speeches to?

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Amid applause from the crowd, he said: ‘You no longer look like a source of power in our eyes. Perhaps we people should all get together and decide you are of no use.’

This is merely the latest public defection that the Russian army has faced, and it comes at a time in which some rather desperate possibilities are being discussed by Moscow.

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