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New Russian Conscripts Completely Untrained, Says Zelenskyy

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Russia has been losing soldiers and commanders at a rather alarming rate in Ukraine over the course of their ill-prepared invasion, and the latest to make their way to the front line are doing so without any real help from Moscow.

Just days ago, Russia announced that it would be conscripting 300,000 civilians into military service, and that they would be sent straight to Ukraine…never mind the fact that Putin’s army has already been suffering in just about every form imaginable, as they’re being decimated by the righteous and successful Ukrainian forces.

Now, as Putin’s latest cannon fodder begins surrendering en masse, Ukrainian officials are detailing just what a mess Moscow has gotten themselves into.

Russian soldiers who recently reached the front lines of the war in Ukraine did not have fighting experience or training, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his Monday night address.

The comment comes a couple of weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin mobilized roughly 300,000 reservist forces to supplement their ranks, which have been decimated throughout seven months of war.

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Zelenskyy painted a grim picture.

“Among the dead occupiers, we can already see those who were taken just a week or two ago,” the Ukrainian leader said. “People were not trained for combat. They have no experience to fight in such a war. But the Russian command just needs some people, any kind, to replace the dead. And when these new ones die, more people will be sent. This is how Russia fights. That’s how it will lose as well.”

The news comes as Ukrainian forces continue to beat back Russian troops, forcing a number of humiliating retreats in areas that the Kremlin has allegedly “annexed”.

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