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New Satellite Images Reveal Wuhan Hospitals Were Swarmed With Patients Months Before China Reported COVID-19 Outbreak



Just when you thought the plot surrounding the coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China couldn’t get any thicker, new satellite images drop and reveal that hospitals in the area were swamped with patients months before the country made any sort of report about the coronavirus outbreak.

According to new reports, the footage shows that there were huge spikes in vehicle traffic during the later portion of the summer and into early fall compared to the previous year. This indicates that the coronavirus might have been making its way across the city many months before the outbreak was reported to the World Health Organization.

All of this comes from a Harvard Medical School study, so the information is pretty solid.

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Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

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Researchers studying 350 commercial satellite images found nearly double the number of vehicles parked outside the health centers versus the same time in 2018, according to an ABC report on the study. Dr. John Brownstein, a Harvard medical professor who led the project, said the surge in traffic “coincided with” a spike in Chinese internet searches of “certain symptoms that would later be determined as closely associated with the novel coronavirus,” such as diarrhea and respiratory symptoms.

“Something was happening in October,” said Brownstein, the director of the medical center’s Computational Epidemiology Lab. “Clearly, there was some level of social disruption taking place well before what was previously identified as the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic.”

The Harvard report shows 112 cars parked outside of the Wuhan Tongji Medical University on Oct. 10, 2018, compared to 214 cars on Sept. 12, 2019. At the Wuhan Tianyou Hospital, 171 cars were documented outside on Oct. 10, 2018, compared to 285 cars on Oct. 17, 2019. At Hubei Women and Children Hospital, 393 cars were spotted Oct. 10, 2018. A year later, on Oct. 17, 2019, there were 714 cars parked.

Footage also revealed a pretty significant decline in the amount of vehicular traffic in one very interesting public place. That place? The Huanan Seafood Market.

The parking lot was filled with 219 cars on September 12, 2019, right around the time the hospitals were starting to get very busy. By February 4, 2020, right as China was dealing with the thick of the virus’ spread, there were only 10 cars in the same lot.

“What we’re trying to do is look at the activity — how busy a hospital is,” Brownstein stated. “And the way we do that is by counting the cars that are at that hospital.”

John Cohen, the former acting Homeland Security Undersecretary, spoke with ABC News and said that this new information raises questions about when the coronavirus might have first arrived here in the United States.

“This study raises serious questions about whether the coronavirus was first introduced into the United States earlier than previously reported and whether measures announced in late January restricting travel from China were too little, too late,” Cohen sad during the interview.

There have been almost two million cases of COVID-19, confirmed, in the country since January. More than 7 million people across the globe have tested positive for the illness, with a global death total of 400,000.

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Rashida Tlaib Seals Victory In Michigan Democratic House Primary



Well, it’s looking likely everyone’s favorite “Squad” of anti-Semitic starlets in the House will be reunited for another go at Congress as Rep. Rashida Tlaib won the Michigan Democratic House primary race. Tlaib is gunning for a second term representing Michigan’s 13th congressional district. She defeated Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones. Here’s more information via The Washington Examiner: Their election was defined by the issues of race and her resource monopoly compared to Jones. Tlaib’s victory was a surprise given the record number of black Detroit voters who mailed in their ballots to officials ahead of the Aug. 4 primary. Tlaib and Jones first met in the 2018 special election to replace the late Rep. John Conyers. Conyers had resigned over sexual misconduct accusations at the height of the #MeToo movement. Jones won the four-way special election before Tlaib clinched victory by fewer than 1,000 votes five weeks later. The second contest was against a more crowded six-way field for the longer stint in Washington. All four of their former general election rivals backed Jones, a 15-year councilor. Polling was sparse throughout the race, but a Target-Insyght poll late last month had Tlaib in front, 53% to 24% . The Palestinian-American, who along with Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar was one of the first two Muslim women to win seats in Congress, was leading in the cash stakes. She raised $2.9 million, in contrast to Jones’ $140,000 in July. Jones was disadvantaged after contracting COVID-19 as well. If there’s two people this country could stand to see less of, it’s Tlaib and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Unfortunately, despite all of their anti-Semitic remarks poor decision making, they will probably win second terms. Try not to hurt yourself jumping with joy.

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Biden Delivers Bizarre Interview; Walks Back Claims On Cognitive Tests, Rambles On About ‘Cocaine’



Over the last year or so, there’s been a lot of speculation that Joe Biden’s mental health is in serious decline. He’s lost his train of thought in the middle of a sentence on numerous occasions, needed to have questions repeated, rambled incoherently, forgotten parts of the Declaration of Independence, and much more. Do we really want a guy like that in the White House? Of course not. But the left is moving full steam ahead with him as their candidate anyway. Biden recently gave a very strange interview in which he walked back previous claims of taking cognitive tests and rambled on about cocaine. You just have to to see this for yourself. Here’s more from The Daily Wire: “Have you taken a cognitive test?” CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett asked. “No, I haven’t taken a test,” Biden shot back. “Why the hell would I take a test? Come on man, that’s like saying, you, before you got in this program, if you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think, huh? Are you a junkie?” “What do you say to President Trump, who brags about his test and makes your mental state an issue for voters?” the host pressed as Biden laughed. “Well, if he can’t figure out the difference between an elephant and lion, I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about,” Biden responded. “Did you watch that, look, come on man, I, I, I know you’re trying to goad me, but I mean I’m so forward looking to have an opportunity to sit with the president or stand with the president and debates. There gonna be plenty of time, and by the way, as I joke with’em, you know, I, I shouldn’t say it. I’m going to say something, I…

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