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NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN: McCarthy Makes MAJOR Rule Change for Congress

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With the Republican Party now in charge of the House of Representatives, there are a few orders of business, right off the top, that need to be addressed.

Kevin McCarthy, whose rocky road to the Speaker’s gavel was the strangest of its kind in over 100 years, is now sitting atop the proverbial throne, and he is wisely exerting his authority early and often.

One of his first maneuvers as Speaker was a doozy.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reaffirmed his position on proxy voting Thursday morning, stating lawmakers “have to show up to work” instead of having someone else vote for them.

“No more proxy voting,” the speaker said Thursday morning on Twitter. “Effective immediately, Members of Congress have to show up to work if they want their vote to count.”

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The idea behind proxy voting was worthwhile…at least at one point.

When the Democrat majority instituted the rule nearly three years ago, on May 15, 2020, supposedly due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, House Republicans were mainly in favor of changing the proxy voting rule.

Under the rule, members of Congress were allowed to proxy vote, which means that one member of the House could cast a vote on behalf of an absent member.

The rule was initially so business could be conducted without members having to be at the U.S. Capitol in person. But, it was quickly abused by lawmakers. Some lawmakers cited that they could not vote in person due to the “ongoing” pandemic, despite attending in-person campaign events, going on trips with the president, and even vacationing in Europe.

And, in a divided nation where we’ve begun to wholly despise our public servants, forcing them to actually do their jobs is something we can all agree on.

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