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New Study: Wearing Masks Does Not Prevent Spread of COVID-19 — Details

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An accurate survey requires 2,000 participants. This Danish study saw over 6,000 people participate. Therefore, there’s a good chance it is highly accurate.

That being said, that stupid mask you have to wear everywhere you go is decidedly useless.

Pass the word.

From Reuters:

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – A Danish study released on Wednesday found face masks provide the wearer with only limited protection against COVID-19 infection, but said this should not be used to argue against their widespread use to prevent people infecting others.

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In the study, which was carried out in April and May when Danish authorities did not recommend wearing face masks, 6,024 adults were divided into two groups, one wearing face masks and one control group.


After one month, 1.8% of the people wearing masks had been infected, while 2.1% of the people in the control group had tested positive, Copenhagen University Hospital said in a press release.

“The study does not confirm the expected halving of the risk of infection for people wearing face masks,” it said. “The results could indicate a more moderate degree of protection of 15-20%, however, the study could not rule out that face masks do not provide any protection.”

What we can take away from this new study is that Joe Biden and Democrats will ignore it, therefore forgoing science – which they claim to love.

Funny how that works, huh?

Friggin libs are the worst.

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