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New TX Law to Bring God Back to Schools and Leftists Won't Like it

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In Texas schools, children will soon be seeing four words on classroom walls that are going to trigger the left: “In God We Trust.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, a bill that recently went into effect puts God and the national motto back into classrooms.

Senate Bill 797, passed in 2021, stipulates that elementary and secondary schools must “display in a conspicuous place in each building of the school or institution a durable poster or framed copy of the United States national motto,” provided that the sign has been donated or purchased with donations.

The signs also include an American flag “centered under the national motto” and a Texas state flag, as well.

Tom Oliverson, a GOP state representative from the Houston area, co-authored the bill. In an interview, he said that it was a great opportunity to celebrate America — and those four liberal-triggering words.

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“We just felt like it was a great opportunity to display our national motto in our public schools,” Oliverson told KHOU-TV.

“This was [an] idea that I had after seeing something similar happen in a couple of different states.”

A batch of the signs was donated to Carroll Independent School District in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this week. Some of the signs came from Patriot Mobile, a Christian conservative mobile data provider.

Do you support this bill?

The Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women also donated posters to two districts in the Houston area.

“We were excited that a few of the sponsors were able to come along and present their poster to the school’s principal,” the group said in a Facebook post.

“Each visit was accompanied by staff smiles and ‘thank you’s’. This has been such a blessing! Thank you to ALL the sponsors for making this project the success it has been!”

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Another co-author, state Sen. Bryan Hughes, stressed the religious aspect of the motto.

“The national motto, In God We Trust, asserts our collective trust in a sovereign God,” the Republican said in a tweet.

“I’m encouraged to see groups… and many individuals coming forward to donate these framed prints to remind future generations of the national motto.”

Of course, this was the reaction from the left:

Or take one parent who talked to KHOU: “It’s a disgrace,” said Aly Fitzpatrick. “These groups are hijacking our public education.”

It’s a sad liberal piety that insists any mention of God — even as part of the national motto — is verboten as offensive to nonbelievers. Meanwhile, children in public schools are subject to all kinds of God-insulting woke material, particularly as it pertains to gender ideology.

Let them have their conniptions, however. Senate Bill 797 is sound legislation that gets God and our national motto back into our classrooms. Let’s hope more states take a page from Texas’ book and pass similar legislation.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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