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New York Gives Up on Healthcare Booster Mandate to Avoid Staff Shortages

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Despite all of the tyrannical tirades and overreaching threats, it appears as though personal medical freedom has won the day in New York State.

For months on end, America has been locked in a wide-ranging debate regarding the coronavirus pandemic, how serious we should be taking it, and just how far the government should be allowed to go in keeping us safe.  At the heart of this argument is the concept of vaccine and booster mandates, and whether or not its appropriate for the government to make blanket medical decisions for the American people.

In the Empire State, concerns over resistance to vaccine booster mandates has now forced the state healthcare system to abandon their plans.

The New York State Department of Health announced it will not enforce a booster mandate for health care workers just days before a deadline was set to take effect, citing staffing shortages.

“In order to avoid potential staffing issues and give healthcare workers more time to get boosted, the State will no longer enforce the booster requirement that will go into effect on February 21,” the department of health said in a statement Friday.

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Officials will reassess the plan in three months and determine “whether additional steps need to be taken to increase booster rates among the healthcare workforce.”

Given the general trends that we’ve seen thus far in the pandemic, (and with the nation’s top epidemiologist encouraging us to begin to work toward restoring “normalcy”), we could be well into the endemic phase of the crisis by the time New York circles back to these booster mandates.

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