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New York Looks to Use Social Media to Decide on Concealed Carry Permits

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In just one of the many major rulings handed down by the Supreme Court this week, New York City’s harsh concealed carry permitting requirements were struck down, sending liberals in the Big Apple into meltdown mode.

The left had always enjoyed a bit of insulation from the power of the Second Amendment in New York City, and so the sudden correction was shocking and appalling to them.  They raged.  They complained.  They vowed to fight back.

And now it looks like they’ll be snooping through your social media if you apply to concealed carry within city limits.

New York Democrats are pushing legislation to require the social media accounts of concealed carry applicants to be scanned before a carry permit is issued.

The push is part of the New York Democrats’ reaction to the June 23, 2022, SCOTUS ruling striking the state’s proper cause requirement for concealed carry issuance.

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The authoritarian-style snooping appears imminent.

The proper cause requirement forced law-abiding New Yorkers to prove they needed to carry a gun in order to receive their permit.

On Friday, the Associated Press reported that New York Democrats are now pushing legislation “that would require people applying for a handgun license to turn over a list of social media accounts.”

In lieu of proper cause the new legislation would mandate that applicants show they possess “the essential character, temperament and judgement necessary to be entrusted with a weapon and to use it only in a manner that does not endanger oneself and others.” A scan of any social media accounts the applicant has used during the past three years is part of how Democrats plan to ascertain information on character and judgement.

We can only imagine that the Supreme Court will soon be deciding on the constitutionality of this new requirement as well, as it appears to operate as a de facto “red flag law” and run counter to the 4th Amendment’s protections against unlawful search and seizure.

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