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Newly Elected Dem Tries to Own Musk by Buying Chevy EV Instead of Tesla, Past Tweet Catches Up Fast

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A Democratic congressman-elect has found himself with egg on his face after boasting that he opted for a Chevrolet electric vehicle over a Tesla to stick it to upstart Twitter CEO Elon Musk — when it turns out the dude had his heart set on a Chevy for ages even before Musk purchased the social media platform.

Full warning — the degree of cringe you’re about to experience might cause discomfort to some readers.

The overzealous incoming lawmaker, Eric Sorensen, is set to represent Illinois in the U.S. House next term and boasts the title of first meteorologist in Congress in almost 50 years as well as his state’s first elected LGBT representative ever.

He appears to be every bit the part, too.

“My pronouns are he/him, I believe in science, and I support Dr. Fauci,” his cringey tweet targeting Musk actually reads. His pronouns and stated support for Dr. Anthony Fauci are a clear response to a cheeky tweet from Musk earlier this month in which the tech tycoon said his pronouns were “prosecute/Fauci.”

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This tweet was just one of many actions taken by Musk since he took the helm at Twitter that has infuriated the left, to whom the platform had for so long served as a prime conduit for cancel culture and censorial practices.

This was all thanks to the behavior of Twitter’s former management, as we have learned, and like so many Democrats, instead of engaging in healthy, honest discussions about what it means when private tech companies work with the federal government to influence and control public opinion, Sorenson decided to take a cheap — and what ultimately turned out to be very stupid — shot at Musk, who also owns Tesla.

“@elonmusk’s continued bad actions kept me from buying a @Tesla and now I am ecstatic to have a @UAW-made @chevrolet Bolt EUV in my driveway!” the congressman continued, complete with a selfie in front of the aforementioned electric vehicle.

Unfortunately for Sorenson, he has been prolifically tweeting about his electric vehicle choices for well over a year — and it appears he was decided on a Chevy Bolt long, long before Elon Musk ever purchased Twitter.

And conservatives on Twitter found out about it.

Caleb Hull tweeted, “this you bro?”

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I told you this one was going to be painful.

This little Twitter stunt just epitomizes how absurd public discourse has gotten since the inception of social media, which is one reason it is both amusing and vastly fascinating to watch it all go topsy turvy as a certain determined billionaire troll has taken matters into his own hands.

Twitter encapsulated bumper sticker politics into digital, pocket-friendly form, and millions of voters have been forming their opinions as of late based on passing headlines and whizzy one-liners they catch across their timelines and homepages.

As evidenced by the tweet-happy darling of the left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, politicians are now more absorbed in getting off clever zings than actually politicking, let alone presenting their ideas in even-tempered, respectful debate rather than petty tribalism.

Personally, I don’t care what Musk or anyone else does at Twitter as long as they keep disrupting the cycle of dumbed-down discourse, media manipulation, and petty cheap shots.

We could do away with the whole platform and be far better off for it, if you ask me.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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