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Newsom Debate Takes Brutal Turn as Opponent Pulls Out an All-Brown Map

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Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom of California has really stepped in it. In fact, make that trend. Never let the public think of one without the other:

The Gavin Newsom Poop Map.

During an unusual debate Thursday on Fox News, Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held up a printed screenshot from an app that plots reports of human feces on San Francisco streets, drawing a smirk and a chuckle from the slick-haired California governor.

DeSantis shared a 37-second clip of the poop map moment on X and transcribed parts of what he said in the clip.

“This is a map of San Francisco. There’s a lot of plots on that. You may be asking ‘what is that plotting?’” the Florida governor said.

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“This is an app where they plot the human feces that are found on the streets of San Francisco,” he said. “That is what has happened in one of the previous greatest cities this country has ever had.”

The move generated a lot of talk on social media.

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According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Newsom poop map came from an app created by, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transparency in government.

Founder and CEO Adam Andrzejewski told the Chronicle on Thursday that the map DeSantis used against Newsom dates to 2019.

In fact, each dot on the map represents a report of human feces found on San Francisco streets over a nine-year period — more than 75,000 of them. Newsom, a former mayor of the city, served as the state’s lieutenant governor for most of those years before winning the governorship in 2018.

“[M]y first thought was one of pride,” Andrzejewski said when he saw DeSantis holding the map.

The poop map alone did not make the debate unusual. There was also the fact that neither candidate is his party’s presidential frontrunner.

DeSantis, of course, has campaigned openly for the Republican presidential nomination and remains a distant second in the primary polls to former President Donald Trump.

Newsom, on the other hand, has merely lingered — on the fringes of the race, that is. Occasional reports suggest the California governor eventually might replace President Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee in 2024.

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Notwithstanding San Francisco’s documented proliferation of human fecal matter on Democrats’ watch, Newsom smirked and laughed. In fact, on some level, he seems to understand that his fellow Democrat elites want homelessness and decaying cities. They will reward him for them.

In short, sometimes we must simply recognize sociopaths when they reveal themselves.

“He’s the single most ruthless and evil person I’ve ever seen in politics. Therefore, he has to come to the top of that party,” Tucker Carlson said of Newsom and the Democrats in a speech last month.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

As a slick politician straight out of central casting, Newsom also fits conservative psychologist Jordan Peterson’s description of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“I don’t believe that he ever says a word that’s true. From what I’ve been able to observe, it’s all stage acting. He’s crafted a persona. He has a particular instrumental goal in mind, and everything is subordinated to serve that,” Peterson said in an interview posted to YouTube last year.

When asked what motivates someone like Trudeau — and the same here applies to Newsom — Peterson described the quintessential woke mind.

“The same motivation that’s generally typical of people who are narcissistic, which is to be credited with moral virtue in the absence of the work necessary to actually attain it,” Peterson said.

During last night’s debate, DeSantis explained how the poop map exposes Newsom as a sociopath.

“Human feces is now a fact of life, except when a Communist dictator comes to town. Then, they cleaned up the streets. They lined the streets with Chinese flags — they didn’t put American flags there — they cleaned everything up,” DeSantis said.

Last month, San Francisco did roll out the proverbial red carpet for Chinese President Xi Jinping. And Newsom made no apologies for the timing of the city’s cleanup.

A normal person with a functioning moral compass would have felt shame over ignoring San Francisco’s citizens for years and then cleaning up the city just to honor the leader of one of the most murderous regimes in human history.

But Newsom cannot feel shame. He cares nothing for California’s suffering people. Everything he does serves a theatrical purpose. So he requires mockery. That alone will disarm and marginalize someone like him.

In short, few men have ever more richly deserved to become the namesake of a poop map.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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