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The Next 'Rich Men North of Richmond'? New Country Singer's Anti-Woke Song Gets Him Banished from Venue

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Country singers seem to be leading the way to defeating woke cancel culture and this week we have yet another intrepid singer taking it to the left with the message that two plus two does not equal five.

It might seem like a patently obvious message, but apparently, it is one that is sending wokesters into fits of apoplexy. Because up-and-coming country singer Tennessee Jet is being banished by a Tulsa, Oklahoma, venue called Mercury Lounge where he was scheduled to appear.

It appears that the management of the lounge was unhappy with one of country singer Tennessee Jet’s songs, one entitled “2+2.”

In a message posted on X, the artist noted that his show was canceled because he does not support “childhood mutilation” or “men being allowed to physically dominate women in sports.”

The singer went on to explain the situation.

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He said he was told on Monday that his annual Christmas Show and Toy Drive at the Tulsa establishment was canceled, but he added, “I wear this as a badge of honor and wanna thank the Mercury Lounge for encouraging me to continue to speak the truth in my songs and share my views at a time when so many artists cower to the radical woke.”

He said that one of the problems the lounge had was with his song “2+2.”

“In ‘2+2’ I take aim at the medical industry that encourages and profits off of so-called ‘gender affirming care’ surgeries for MINORS,” he wrote. “I believe kids struggling with their identity are being taken advantage of emotionally and spiritually for the sake of profit under the guise of sympathy and compassion.”

Do you like Tennessee Jet’s song called “2+2”?

“What these kids go through is heartbreaking and I feel the last thing we as a society should do when a kid is at their most impressionable and vulnerable is to allow them to permanently alter their bodies and damage their long-term health,” the singer added.

“I believe to truly be on their side in such a volatile time is to protect them from themselves and their fragile mental state,” he continued. “Once that child is an adult I believe it’s none of anyone’s business how they choose to live their life and that ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ applies no matter what your neighbor’s sexual orientation.”

“I believe my position is the TRULY compassionate one on this issue,” he stated.

He concluded his post by writing, “I won’t be bullied, I won’t be censored and I have nothing to apologize for.”

The lyrics of his song pretty much speak to this point of view, The Washington Times reported.

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The kids are overdosing on fentanyl,

The door is wide open at the border wall,

DC’s busy sellin’ out us all,

Unless it’s Ukraine, they ain’t takin’ calls.

Politicians whorin’ for the war machine,

Laundering money in the name of peace,

Dressing up Zelenskyy in army green,

Marchin’ us right off into World War 3.

How dare you dare to mention?

How dare you believe your eyes?

How dare you even question?

2 + 2 is 5

Later in the song he references the same “childhood mutilation” he wrote about in his Facebook post.

If you can’t beat a man, change your gender and your name,

Cheat away a trophy from Riley Gaines.

They’re butcherin’ kids as a remedy,

For feelin’ confused at puberty,

Sellin’ pure evil as sympathy,

And gettin’ rich in the sex change industry.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

The woke lounge may be trying to cancel him. But Tennessee Jet won’t be deterred.

Ultimately, the Washington Times noted that Jet secured another location for his show. He’ll be hosting his annual benefit on Dec. 22 at the Blackbird on Pearl in Tulsa.

The incident is reminiscent of another recent country singer who the left tried to cancel recently. We remember the story of Oliver Anthony who leftists tried to cancel for his hit song, “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

Like country stars such as Anthony, Morgan Wallen, and Jason Aldean, Tennessee Jet is refusing to back down or knuckle under to the assault by the left-wingers. And the country singers are leading the way.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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