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NFL Owner Gets Slapped with $300K Fine After Viral Incident with Fan

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The far-left owner of the NFL’s worst team of the 2023 season has been slapped with a huge fine after he was recorded throwing a drink at fans during a game on Sunday.

The lowly 2-14 Carolina Panthers will finish their season this weekend in the league cellar and without an opportunity for the first overallpick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Maybe it was out of frustration or maybe Panthers owner David Tepper has no respect for paying fans, but the billionaire hedge fund manager was videoed throwing his drink out into a crowd from his luxury booth in Jacksonville.

Tepper emptied his cup out of an opened window and then tossed it aside out of apparent frustration, according to a video posted to X.

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The Panthers went on to lose the game to the Jaguars 26-0, ESPN reported.

The NFL announced Tuesday that Tepper, the league’s second wealthiest owner, would be fined $300,000 for his actions.

In a statement posted on the social media platform X, the league called the team owner out for a lack of “respect” for the fans who pay the bills.

Was the NFL’s fine too excessive?

“The National Football League today fined Carolina Panthers’ chairman David Tepper $300,000 for his unacceptable conduct in Jacksonville during Sunday’s game,” the league said in a statement.

The NFL added, “All NFL personnel are expected to conduct themselves at all times in ways that respect our fans and favorably reflect on their team and the NFL.”

Tepper’s apparent fit of rage went viral online, even leading to comments about it from his own players — linebacker Shaq Thompson and rookie quarterback Bryce Young.

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Others in the sports world laid into Tepper for the showing of poor sportsmanship.

Tepper bought the Panthers in 2018.

That same year, Tepper recalled a story in which he said he told a college student that then-president Donald Trump was a “demented, narcissistic scumbag,” Sports Illustrated reported.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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