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NFL Team Owner's Halloween Costume Causes Kerfuffle with...

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While sports fans will often get into deep and heated arguments regarding the merits and qualities of their own particular favorite competition, there is often one thing that supporters of teams across the sporting spectrum can agree on:  The referees, umpires, judges, and officials are all inadequate…and that’s putting it nicely.

And so, when the owners of the Dallas Cowboys called attention to this universal trope, many found it to be hilarious...but not everybody.

A national organization representing the blind community called out Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones over his “blind referee” costume, arguing that costumes like his further “perpetuates” stereotypes that the blind are “incompetent.”

The National Federation of the Blind director Chris Danielsen told TMZ Sports on Thursday that Jones’ costume, meant to poke fun at the NFL and its officials, is “harmful” to the blind community, and seemingly singles out Dallas fans who are visually impaired.

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“He does have blind Cowboys fans,” Danielsen told the outlet. “They show up at games and put on headsets or listen on the radio. It may be something for him to think about.”

Danielsen noted that 70% of the blind are unemployed and called the decision by Jones and others to wear costumes mocking them pushes the stereotype forward that the blind are “incompetent.”

“When anyone perpetuates that stereotype, it’s harmful,” he said.

The NFL has not yet indicated what sort of fine Jones could face.

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