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North Korea Marred by ICBM Failure During Latest Aggression

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As the world itself continues to writhe and wring itself into familiar-yet-terrifying convulsions, some of the antsier nations among us are vying for attention.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is still global disturbance #1, of course, but Ukraine’s well-metered resistance has brought the headline count down over the course of recent weeks.  In that limelight vacuum has appeared a new heir to the sensationalist throne:  North Korea, who have appeared to launched a significant percentage of their long-range artillery sky-high in recent days.

But, amid the furious flurry, was a failure worthy of noting.

North Korea fired multiple missiles into the sea on Thursday, including a possible failed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), prompting the United States and South Korea to extend air drills that have angered Pyongyang.

An initial Japanese government warning that an apparent ICBM had flown over the country triggered alarms for some residents to seek shelter. Tokyo later said the warning about the missile flying over Japan was incorrect.

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The volley came amid a rather egregious display.

The previous day, North fired a daily record 23 missiles, including one that landed off the coast of South Korea for the first time, and drew swift condemnation from Washington, Seoul and Tokyo.

Not only has North Korea been finding attentions in the Pacific theater, but there is evidence that the Hermit Kingdom has been supplying Russia with munitions for Ukraine – a move that further emphasizes the newfound friction between tyranny and democracy on the world’s stage.

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