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North Korea's Latest Missile Test Claims are Turning Heads

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The global community certainly has its hands full in 2022, coming off of a global pandemic and hurtling toward a worldwide recession, all while some of this planet’s most ruthless and reckless continue to talk about apocalyptic military maneuvering.

Much of this talk has come via Russian President Vladimir Putin and his cadre of state media talking heads, who’ve been ranting on about nuclear strikes against Ukraine and others for weeks on end.

But now, further to the east, another threat has emerged.

North Korea’s recent missile tests involved “tactical nuclear” drills to simulate hitting the South, and were overseen by leader Kim Jong Un in response to US-led joint military exercises in the region, state media said Monday.

Kim made acquiring tactical nukes — smaller, lighter weapons designed for battlefield use — a top priority at a key party congress in January 2021, and this year vowed to develop North Korea’s nuclear forces at the fastest possible speed.

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Kim has seemed particularly prickly of late.

The country revised its nuclear laws last month, outlining a wide array of scenarios in which it could its nukes, with Kim declaring North Korea an “irreversible” nuclear power — effectively ending the possibility of negotiations over its arsenal.

The news comes just days after North Korea launched a ballistic missile that traveled some 2,000+ miles, forcing air raid sirens to wail in Northern Japan as it passed overhead.

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