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North Korea's New Military Announcement Could Spell Trouble for US

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One of the more impressive accomplishments of the Donald Trump presidency so far has been his extraordinary assumed wrangling of North Korea and dictator Kim Jong Un.

The regime in North Korea has, for well over six decades, been completely and utterly defiant toward the United States after blaming them for all of the negative impacts suffered during both the live fire and “cold” eras of the lengthy Korean War.  This has led to an overt desire to develop and stockpile nuclear weapons, with the DPRK believing that this would be the only deterrent powerful enough to subvert an attack by the US should push come to shove.

When Donald Trump took office, North Korea was launching test rocket after test rocket, with a number of these devices having been determined to be capable of possibly reaching the US mainland with a nuclear warhead sometime in the not so distant future.  This was unacceptable to President Trump, of course, who then worked with Congress to authorize sanctions that seemingly brought Kim and the regime back into the international fold.

Now, new reports from inside North Korea are indicating that perhaps not all was as it seemed at the time.

North Korea’s surprise announcement Friday that dictator Kim Jong Un has supervised the test of an unspecified “high-tech tactical weapon” means that a potential military confrontation between the U.S. and the North over nuclear weapons and missiles is once again a real and frightening possibility.

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The announcement is a clear signal from Kim that he could begin testing much more powerful weapons – think long-range missiles that could hit the U.S. – whenever he wishes.
While we don’t know what the North Korean mystery weapon is, some experts who study the hermit kingdom believe it is probably some sort of new multiple-rocket launch system.

But this isn’t all the bad news that came out of North Korea recently. The New York Times reported that Pyongyang is expanding its nuclear weapons and missile arsenals.

Should this test weapon be capable of accurately striking the United States, there is little doubt that President Trump will be forced into action.

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