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Not-Doctor Howard Dean Publicly Diagnoses President Trump

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In the annals of strange American political history, there are moments that are simply bizarre above all else.

Howard Dean was part of that history with an exclamation heard round the nation.

This bit of overenthusiastic salutation would soon be skewered by everyone from Saturday Night Live to Dave Chappelle, and, on account of that fact, Howard Dean’s political record has been abbreviated to something that looks like “BYEUAH!” on paper.

Not wishing to be known only for this outburst, Dean is now making a plethora of other, unwarranted noises, and they are emanating from the same general area of his face as the aforementioned campaign-killer.

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“I actually think the president is mentally incapacitated, and I have thought so for quite some time,” said Dean. “He says things that he knows aren’t true, I suspect, and that, somehow, he thinks that people are going to believe. And they just don’t.”

Dean continued…

“You can’t really make a bargain with somebody who is irrational because they won’t keep it,” the one-time failed presidential candidate continued. “The Republicans and the Democrats in Congress have got to do the best they can to run this country in the absence of the chief executive. Until the Republicans realize they have an obligation to the country, not just their party, that’s not going to happen.”

Democrats have been hinting for some time about a strange use of the 25th Amendment to unseat a mentally unfit President, but the theory has been largely lambasted by both the mainstream media and constitutional experts.


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