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NOT SUBTLE: Putin Attends Nuke Drills as Ukraine Crisis Rages

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When it comes to trying to get anything resembling a good read on Vladimir Putin, one must usually do a whole lot of looking between the lines.

Putin is one of those world leaders who thinks that his cunning rates an 11-out-of-10, (in reality it’s probably more like a 6), and so we have to apply all sorts of filters to his every word or action.  This has been especially true during his latest purposeful international flap involving Ukraine, in which the Russia President has repeatedly suggested that there’s “nothing to see here” in regard to the 100,000-plus troops he’s amassed in position to invade Ukraine.

But, every now and then, Putin makes a move that doesn’t require a great deal of demystification.  Saturday will be one of those days. 

The Russian military on Friday announced massive drills of its strategic forces, a stark reminder of the country’s nuclear might amid Western fears that Moscow might be preparing to invade Ukraine.

The Defense Ministry said Russian President Vladimir Putin will personally oversee Saturday’s exercise, which will involve multiple practice launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.

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The ministry said it planned the maneuvers some time ago to check the readiness of Russia’s military command and personnel, as well as the reliability of its nuclear and conventional weapons.

This isn’t the first time that Putin has hinted at a nuclear solution to being bullied by the west, as one of his known media mouthpieces threatened to turn anyone opposing Putin’s Ukraine plans into “radioactive dust”.

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