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Now You Can't Even Buy Dog Treats Without Having Wokeness Shoved Down Your Throat

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Not even pet snacks are safe from the left’s radical gender agenda this year as the dog biscuit brand Milk-Bone has unveiled a new “pride-themed” snack box to help canines “celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.”

An image of a colorful Milk-Bone treats container on a store shelf went viral on Twitter on Sunday:

A quick search of Milk-Bone’s website showed the product is as legitimate as it is absurd.

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The product features the trans-inclusionary LGBT flag and also depicts various breeds of dogs behaving flamboyantly.

Americans with pets no longer can purchase treats for them without having a “woke” political agenda shoved down their throats.

Milk-Bone said its “pride treats” are baked in the colors of the rainbow in order to “celebrate love.” The company has also laid out several ways in which dogs can become allies to the LGBT community.

It asks consumers to “dress them up in rainbow colors, and/or get them rainbow accessories” and also to take them to “a dog-friendly Pride event, such as a rally or parade.”

Are you sick of seeing "pride" flags on everything?

The box declares that Milk-Bone, which is owned by the J.M. Smucker Co., “proudly” supports the extremist Human Rights Campaign.

The HRC is the same leftist group behind the much-publicized Corporate Equality Index scorecard that evaluates companies based purely on whether they bend a knee to the rainbow mafia.

The index is essentially a “woke” credit score system that keeps American corporations pushing this kind of nonsense in order to stay in its good graces.

Anheuser-Busch scored a perfect 100 on the index before Bud Light partnered with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney en route to tanking its reputation with people on each side of the gender issue.

Target — which is making headlines for its “pride” displays — is celebrated as an inclusive company by the Human Rights Campaign.

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Disney is also a major contributor to the organization.

Companies across the country are working overtime to stay on good terms with the HRC – which is funded partially by Democratic Party mega-donor George Soros and his Open Society Foundations.

Consumers who are not interested in advancing the agenda being pushed by each of the above-mentioned parties should take a look at Milk-Bone and decide if its treats are worth purchasing.

For example, if you are among those who have purchased Milk-Bone treats in the past, the company wants you to know it recently used some of your cash to make a $50,000 donation to the HRC in an effort to “end discrimination against LGBTQ+ people.”

No one is discriminating against that community, which has all the same rights as other Americans.

But people whose moral compasses are intact are no longer tolerating gender activists and their attempts to corrupt children and insult and replace women and girls.

Protecting kids from the perils of irreversibly damaging their minds and bodies via gender transition is why AB InBev and Target have each lost billions of dollars in recent weeks.

Smucker — whose brands include Folgers and Dunkin’ coffee, Smucker’s jelly, Jif peanut butter and Meow Mix cat food — is now asking for the ire of the public, and the company deserves it.

People who are uninterested in placing confused boys on girls’ sports teams or who are revolted by the idea of youth mastectomies and castrations need to start looking at the source of much of this perversion.

That source, to a large degree, is the Human Right Campaign and the companies that prop it up.

Milk-Bone’s doggy “pride” abomination features the so-called progress pride flag, which challenges the reality that gender is binary.

The company has told us where it sits on the issue and is practically begging for the Bud Light treatment from consumers.

Every Smucker product is available to view here if you’d like a guide on which items to avoid during your next outing to a grocery or pet store.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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