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Numerous Unsettling Discoveries Revealed By Owner of 'One of the Most Haunted Houses'

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In 1968, a family bought a quaint old house in southwest England with the hopes of turning it into a charming Bed and Breakfast.

The house had other ideas.

Built in 1145, the structure — located in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire — had more than a few secrets to tell. Used as an inn at different times throughout the centuries, the Ancient Ram Inn is more spooky than it is sweet.

And few know that better than Caroline Humphries, who has experienced all the house has to offer since moving in with her parents more than 50 years ago.

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One of the first things the family found was a disconcerting number of bones and daggers buried in the dirt.

“A diviner told my dad there were children buried all over the place, and when he dug he found the bones and the daggers wrapped with them, which implied sacrificial killing,” Humphries said, according to The Sun.

“Sadly, the daggers, which were in a glass display case, were stolen around 2014 when my father was in the house showing a group of visitors around. They will be of great value.”

Wondering about a more scientific explanation for the bones, Humphries’ father took them to someone who confirmed they were not animal bones.

“Dad took the bones he had found to a specialist who informed him that they were definitely not animal bones, so the mystery of whose remains they are and why they were buried with daggers needs to be investigated,” Humphries said.

In more recent years, a friend of Humphries’ found more bones under a ground-level staircase, continuing the mystery of how they got there and who they once belonged to.

In case they needed any more signs that the place was used to entertaining darker concerns, they made another surprising find.

“My dad found a mummified cat in the walls a few years ago when he was renovating the house,” Humphries said, according to The Sun.

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“Stroud Museum (in England) have confirmed it is 500 years old and was dead before being placed in the walls to keep any witches out of the home.”

According to Fox News, the stone walls preserved the cat’s body, and it remained in surprisingly good condition. But according to Humphries and other ghost hunters, the poor cat didn’t do much to keep other spirits out.

Some claim to see ghosts, others claim to see objects moving on their own, and some have called it the most haunted house in the United Kingdom.

For her part, Humphries calls it “one of the most haunted houses” in the world, according to Fox.

While the Ancient Ram Inn never made it to B&B status, it gets regular visitors looking for something out of the norm and has been featured on several paranormal shows.

Would you visit this old inn?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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