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NY Times Forced To Make Massive Correction On Kavanaugh Story Over Factual Omission

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Folks on the left tend to view the New York Times as a bastion of journalistic integrity, but the fact is, this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially over the last several years that Trump has been in office.

The NY Times is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Democratic Party, helping to pump up the progressive agenda and force feed it into the mushy brains of a readership who refuse to think for themselves and do due diligence to see both sides of the important issues facing our country.

The latest example of this is the major correction the publication was forced to make to a story about the latest Brett Kavanaugh accusations.

The reason for the correction is that the story withheld exculpatory information.

via TheBlaze:

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The supposed bombshell story reported new allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh. According to the story, Kavanaugh once pulled down his pants at a Yale party and “friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student.”

However, the story omitted a key fact relevant to the story’s credibility: The alleged victim does not remember the incident.

“An earlier version of this article, which was adapted from a forthcoming book, did not include one element of the book’s account regarding an assertion by a Yale classmate that friends of Brett Kavanaugh pushed his penis into the hand of a female student at a drunken dorm party,” the Times said in a correction. “The book reports that the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident. That information has been added to the article.”

The correction was only made after Mollie Hemingway, writer for The Federalist, highlighted the omission of this key fact, having obtained an early copy of the book.

So why did the Times leave this very critical detail out? Supposedly because it was uncovered during an investigation for the book that the story was adapted from.

Yeah. Likely story.

At the end of the day, the Times are puppets in the pocket of the Democratic Party. Their sole purpose is to help spread progressivism far and wide, which means they want to craft a narrative that makes the left look like the good guys, while the guys on the right are the villains.

Revealing this woman didn’t actually recall the incident in question would destroy that narrative and prevent them from applying pressure to Kavanaugh to bow to their will or face impeachment.

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The left are a bunch of corrupt crooks.

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