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Ocasio-Cortez Targeted by Vulgar Chant at MAGA Rally

And this wasn’t the only harsh remark of the evening, with the President using a few choice words of his own later on.



Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

In Washington today, there are more than a few politicians whose personalities may be larger than their legislative history.

To be fair, Donald Trump is one of them, having only been in official government work for two years or so.  One could argue, however, that his time in the upper plateau of New York City real estate has prepared him for the political world…albeit the seedier side of it.

Another fresh face in the world of politics, who sits quite distinctly on the other side of the aisle from the President, is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex; the 28 year bartender-turned-freshman Congresswoman whose “Green New Deal” was embarrassingly nixed by a recent vote.

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AOC, as she has come to be known, is a firebrand within the democratic party, and her verbose and bombastic soundbites seem to be writing checks that her legislative inexperience won’t allow her to cash.

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Now, the MAGA crowd is going after her in earnest with a pseudo-vulgar chant that could become a mainstay of the Trump campaign circuit.

The moment came as Donald Trump Jr. lambasted the Congresswoman for her inexperience.

“Think about the fact that every mainstream, leading Democratic contender is taking the advice of a freshman congresswoman who three weeks ago didn’t know the three branches of government,” Trump Jr. told a fired up crowd before his father’s highly anticipated speech. “I don’t know about you guys, but that’s pretty scary.”

The remarks critical of the freshman congresswoman prompted the crowd to chant “AOC sucks.”

“You guys, you’re not very nice,” the president’s son replied jokingly to the chant  “And neither is what that policy would do to this country.”

Trump’s Michigan rally was a raucous one throughout, with the President himself calling the democratic response to the Mueller report “ridiculous bulls**t”.



Biden Policies Keep Migrant Kids Away From Parents ‘For Weeks,’ In ‘Facilities Akin to Jail’

How come nobody on the Left seems to care, though!?

John Salvatore



Donald Trump was roasted by Hollywood elites and the mainstream media for his treatment of migrant children at the border. Biden has done absolutely nothing different, yet for some reason there isn’t 24/7 coverage. This is why nobody can trust the MSM. Check this out, via The Daily Wire: Democrat President Joe Biden is reportedly putting migrant children in detention facilities that resemble prisons and is separating the children for weeks on end—both issues that Democrats and the media used to attack former President Donald Trump during Trump’s presidency. “The number of unaccompanied migrant children detained along the southern border has tripled in the last two weeks to more than 3,250, filling facilities akin to jails as the Biden administration struggles to find room for them in shelters,” The New York Times reported. “The children are being held in facilities, managed by the Customs and Border Protection agency, that were built for adults. The border agency has been the subject of widespread criticism for the horrific conditions in its federal detention facilities, in which children are exposed to disease, hunger and overcrowding.” […] USA Today reported over the weekend that Biden was “still sheltering children separated from close family members in federal facilities for weeks on end – something immigrant advocates and attorneys had hoped the new administration would resolve by now.” The report noted in its headline that children were being “being separated from relatives for weeks” under Biden. And here’s some random news from Twitter…

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Charges Dropped Against Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend: He Tried to Murder A Police Officer

He immediately commented on IG: ‘They dropped them charges…’

John Salvatore



Officers knocked on their door. And knocked. And knocked. For anywhere between 30 and 90 seconds, they knocked. When the cops entered the apartment, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend opened fire. An officer was injured. Could’ve died, even. But it’s all about “white privilege,” right!? From The Hill: A judge on Monday ruled that charges against Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, for shooting a Louisville, Ky., police officer would be permanently dropped. Jefferson Circuit Judge Olu Stevens declared that the charges against Walker would be dismissed with prejudice preventing him from being charged with the March 13 incident that resulted in his girlfriend’s death, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported. Walker had fired a single shot at police, striking Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the leg, as three plainclothes officers executed a search warrant in Taylor’s apartment. He was charged with assault and attempted murder of a police officer. Walker posted this on Instagram… View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kenneth Walker (@k.walker_502) Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section…

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