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"Occupy ICE" Is Over Before It Even Gets Started

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As Trey Gowdy was eviscerating Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over the cultural chasm he’s created in this country, the first generation of radical leftists were trying to teach their millennial mutts an old trick.

We all remember, regrettably, the Occupy Wall Street movement:  An experiment in humanity and politics that somehow, against all odds, made New York City even filthier than before.

Exclusive pictures obtained by Mail Online show one demonstrator relieving himself on a police car.

According to eye witnesses, when people ran to tell nearby police about the man defecating on the squad car they were ignored.

Standing downwind of the piles of rubbish, bankers walking past the man did a double take before hurrying away.

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We have a little more tact than would allow us to show you the photo that the author was describing, but I can tell you that, in police code, it was a 10-200…not a 10-100.

Let Ol’ Burt clue you in on that one:

Now, in the midst of a fabricated angst against Obama-era policies being enforced by our “Wolverine-like” President, the elder statesmen of the liberal left, (who I believe just turned 30, congrats!), are attempting to get the band back together, as it were.

The “Occupy ICE” movement was born.

And then it passed on into the next realm as quickly as it came.

Officials told KATU that the officers with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had taken several demonstrators into custody, including one man who drove up to federal officers and failed to obey commands from law enforcement.

The man got out of his vehicle with his hands in the air and surrendered his keys to law enforcement.

Protesters attempted to create a human chain in front of the federal facility’s driveway, but eventually cleared the way to cooperate with law enforcement. Several protesters had their hands in zip ties, KATU reports.

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And just how many of these raucous progressives did DHS come into contact with during this important protest?

Federal officials dressed in riot gear arrested eight protesters camped out in front of Portland, Oregon’s, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility on Thursday.

Eight?  I could fit that entire protest in the back of my truck and not even have to move the cooler or the spare.

How about, the next time the democrats want to “rally” around a cause, we just send them down to Little Caesar’s with a $20 bill and let them talk about how “offended” they were by the picture of Andrew Jackson that we just shoved in their face.  That would at least be productive in that they would be fed.

Lambasting the liberal lunatics isn’t going to be fun anymore if they simply stay at this pathetic pace.

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